Cultural diversity

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"Face aux tendances de la mondialisation, participer à la défense de la diversité culturelle et affirmer l'identité québécoise sur la scène internationale"

Mme Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, vice-première ministre, ministre des Relations internationales et ministre responsable de la Francophonie, Québec, le 25  mars 2004 - 2004/03/25

In her speech to Université Laval’s Institut québécois des hautes études internationales (IQHEI) commemorating its 10th anniversary, Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay stressed that “the evolution of globalization over the past decade has revealed the importance of cultural and identity issues, and has helped build a community of countries in favour of creating an international convention on the protection of cultural diversity.” In particular she stated, “Faced with the tendencies of globalization to homogenize cultures and social systems, Quebec must ensure that it is able to affirm its identity on the international scene and participate in protecting cultural diversity.” Ms. Gagnon‑Tremblay also declared, “The government of Quebec supports the creation of a multilateral international convention ensuring the respect of cultural diversity.” In this regard, she stressed that the government of Quebec believes that “under no circumstances should cultural goods be reduced to a purely economic dimension,” and “social and identity development goes hand-in-hand with economic development.” In addition, Ms. Gagnon stated, “The government intends to maintain its capacity to intervene in healthcare, social services, education and culture, and reaffirms the right of every government to establish and implement its own policies in these sectors.” (Available in French only)