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Journée mondiale du théâtre : "Souligner la contribution exceptionnelle des artistes québécois à la vitalité culturelle du Québec et à son rayonnement international"

Mme Line Beauchamp, ministre de la Culture et des Communications - Québec, le 25 mars 2004 - 2004/03/25

Ms. Beauchamp marked the celebration of International Theatre Day, March 27, established in 1961 by UNESCO and the international theatrical community, by highlighting the contribution of Quebec’s artists. Indeed, Quebec’s writers, actors, directors, and stage designers have won renown all year long on stages in Quebec and in a dozen other countries, thus contributing to Quebec’s cultural vitality and international influence. For Ms. Beauchamp, “Quebec’s international presence and the great success it has achieved confirms the need for us to continue our efforts to maintain so-called cultural diversity, meaning the right of nations to support those who create, distribute and produce distinctive cultural content.” Numerous demonstrations and activities have been organized to celebrate this Day, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of dramatic expression. Among these activities is the traditional public reading of the International Message, which is written by a well-known playwright or a personality from the international theatre scene. (Available in French only)