Cultural diversity

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"Affirmer l'universalité de la culture et refuser sa soumission aux lois égoïstes du marché, c'est une autre manière de défendre le multilatéralisme "

M. Abdou Diouf, Secrétaire général de l’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), le 16 mars 2004 - 2004/03/16

In this article, which was published in the March 16, 2004 edition of Le Devoir on the occasion of the March 20th celebration of International Francophonie Day, Abdou Diouf states, “We live in a paradoxical time, underscored by the contradictory impulses of globalization and unilateralism. At the same time, we are spectators of an accelerated globalization and witnesses of hegemonic intentions.” He believes that if this paradox has a name, it has a cure: “the awakening of multilateralism.” Mr. Diouf stresses, in particular, that “la Francophonie was resolute in its desire to establish a democratic imperative in international law, by claiming, “Respecting democracy must be constantly observed and accompanied by binding legal regulations.” According to him, this is now also the case for cultural diversity. “La Francophonie is leading this campaign on an operational level through its programs and its cooperative actions, and on a normative level, within UNESCO in its support for an international legal instrument on cultural diversity. This is a means of defending multilateralism other than affirming the universality of culture and refusing its submission to the egotistical laws of the market.” Therefore, he would like nations and governments of the OIF to “be able to work together to put this idea into action. For us, this is a way of saying multilateralism is another name for solidarity!” (Available in French only)