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Le Canada et les services de l’OMC : le secteur de la culture exclu de toute négociation

M. Jim Peterson, ministre du Commerce international du Canada, Toronto, le 27 février 2004 - 2004/02/27

Invited to speak at the Conference on WTO Services in Toronto on February 27, 2004 on the importance of Canada’s trade policy and the direction its government will take in the future, Canadian Minister of International Trade Jim Peterson stated, “Canada is the foremost trading nation in the developed world.” Stressing the potential for growth in the trade of Canadian services and the enormous advantages it would bring to Canadian companies and workers, Mr. Peterson noted that Canada’s objectives within the framework of GATS “are to seek greater market access for Canadian exporters of professional, financial, telecommunications and environmental services.” While praising Canada’s openness and its willingness to negotiate in most service sectors, Mr. Peterson stressed that certain sectors are not open to negotiation.: “I refer, of course, to areas of critical importance to Canada, reflecting our own unique values, such as our health care, public education, social services and culture. These sectors are not on the table. They never have been and never will be.” (Available also in French and English)