Cultural diversity

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Accords de libre-échange : "une priorité pour l’intégration régionale basée sur le respect du développement durable et la diversité culturelle"

Déclaration finale du Quatrième Forum parlementaire mondial, Mumbaï, Inde, le 19 janvier 2004 - 2004/01/19

The World Parliamentary Forum was held January 18-19, 2004 in Mumbai, India, during the Fourth World Social Forum. This event brought together 250 parliamentarians and legislators from 25 countries and gave rise the adoption of a Final Declaration, which mainly focused on the “failure” of the WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun (Mexico). To this end, parliamentarians declared, “Each country must have the right to develop its own economic and political potential,” and stated that they are in favour of “priority for regional integration based on popular consultation and consensus, democratic decision-making and control, respect for human and social rights as defined by international pacts and covenants, sustainable development and cultural diversity.” Furthermore, they expressed their determination to “take up these demands and translate them into legislative proposals for a peaceful regional integration with respect for cultural diversity.” (Available also in French and English)