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"La diversité culturelle et les droits humains : deux sujets au cœur des relations internationales du Québec"

Mme Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, vice-première ministre du Québec, ministre des Relations internationales et ministre responsable de la Francophonie – Sherbrooke, le 31 janvier 2004 - 2004/01/31

On the occasion of the fourth edition of “Quebec Model of United Nations 2004,” held in Sherbrook on January 31, 2004, Monique Gagnon-Tremblay emphasized that protecting cultural diversity is essential for Quebec. “That is why,” she stated, “we were the first government to support an International Convention on Cultural Diversity.” Defining cultural diversity as “the aspiration of nations to develop in a global context that encourages the growth of all cultures, within the framework of a true dialogue each other,” Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay maintained that this concept does not conflict with globalization. She stated, “As world citizens, we are proposing a modern conception of cultural diversity, one that is based on a controlled globalization that allows for the preservation of our own identity.” .Particularly pleased with the decision by UNESCO to “begin the work for drafting a convention on cultural content and artistic expression,” Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay stated that “Quebec would like to fully maintain its ability to support culture through its policies.” As a result, “It is strongly supporting and campaigning for the planned adoption of an International Convention on Cultural Diversity, which would create law that is parallel to international trade law, but not subject to it.” Quebec also intends to “devote its efforts” in partnership with the Canadian government to “assert” its position, “so that it will be considered at the next UNESCO General Conference, to be held  in 2005 in Paris.” (Available in French only)