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Plan de soutien au cinéma et à la production audiovisuelle : "Promouvoir l’éducation cinématographique et l’accès à la culture cinématographique pour plus de diversité à l’écran"

Mme Line Beauchamp, ministre de la Culture et des Communications du Québec, Sherbrooke, le 17 février 2003 - 2003/02/17

Within the framework of the Plan for Film and Audiovisual Production Support, Ms. Beauchamp has granted financial assistance for implementing two projects addressing education and access to film culture. These projects aim to increase the number of films offered and diversity on screen, as well as offer courses to stimulate critical thinking and broaden film culture. In this regard, Ms. Beauchamp states, “Film and audiovisual products reflect, with a strong suggestive power, the identity and cultural wealth of nations. It is therefore important that the international actions we take to promote cultural diversity, here in Quebec, are backed up with efforts to boost the film culture of our youth and increase their critical thinking.”. (Available in French only)