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"La culture comme moteur de développement : s'ouvrir aux autres cultures et soutenir l'activité culturelle"

Mme Line Beauchamp, ministre de la Culture et des Communications du Québec, Montréal, le 16 février 2003 - 2003/02/16

The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has chosen to honour Quebec for its first international festival. From February 21 to May 15, 2004, it will host the “Quebec Festival”, presented by Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (PCT) and inaugurated by Ms. Line Beauchamp, Quebec’s Minister of Culture and Communications. The “Quebec Festival” will offer a prestigious and varied program of visual arts, modern dance, theatre, music, circus art, technological art, architecture, poetry and film. On this occasion, Ms. Beauchamp stated that “Quebec and its artists are honoured to have been chosen by Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for this first international festival. I am touched by this show of recognition of our culture. I also believe that Quebec shares the same goals as the PCT, which are an openness to other cultures and the support of cultural activity. We also share a common vision: the contribution of culture to economic development.” Ms. Beauchamp further emphasized the close collaboration with the PCT, which “is promoting the spread of Quebec’s culture to our American neighbours.” (Available in French only)