Cultural diversity

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"Assurer la liberté de création et d’expression en soutenant les créateurs dans leur lutte pour la promotion de la diversité culturelle et le respect de leurs droits moraux et économiques"

Fédération Internationale des Journalistes, Bruxelles, le 17 février 2003 - 2003/02/17

In an Open Letter, the International Federation of Journalists has asked the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union to “protect European intellectual and cultural identity by resisting any attempt to weaken or diminish the intellectual property protection of the works of all creators.” It maintains that “Today the diverse and valuable expression of the European culture suffers under the threat of corporate homogenization and by the widespread misuse of new technology.” In this regard, it emphasizes, “Our European lawmakers have to ensure that all creators receive an equitable share of the profits that others make by exploiting their works.” Furthermore, it states, “Only by continuing to support creators in their struggle to promote creative diversity and to demand the respect of their moral and economic rights can you truly ensure freedom of creation and of expression. This is the only way to guarantee a genuine choice for the consumer and a future to the enduring European contribution to global culture.” (Available in French only)