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Diversité culturelle : "Le gouvernement du Canada continuera de jouer un rôle de chef de file dans la création d’un nouvel instrument international"

Mme Adrienne CLARKSON, Gouverneure générale du Canada - Discours du trône ouvrant la troisième session de la trente-septième législature du Canada  - 2 février 2004 - 2004/02/02

In the Speech from the Throne, Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson, declared that “Canada can make a difference.” She said that in order to do this, “We need to work better, to work smarter, in diplomacy, in development, in defence and in international trade,” because “all of which have become profoundly interdependent and are increasingly touching Canadians in their daily lives.” She also emphasized that, “We can play a distinctive role based on our values - the rule of law, liberty, democracy, equality of opportunity, and fairness.” With respect to this, Governor General Clarkson said specifically that, “The Government will continue its leadership in the creation of a new international instrument on cultural diversity, participate actively in la Francophonie, and promote and disseminate our cultural products and works around the world”. (Available in English and French)