Cultural diversity

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L'Union européenne estime "vital pour la compétitivité européenne et pour la diversité culturelle de renforcer les industries de la culture"

Allocution de Mme Viviane Reding, Commissaire européenne responsable de l'Éducation et de la Culture - Bruxelles, le 28 janvier 2004 - 2004/01/28

At the European Economic and Social Committee plenary on priority initiatives of the Education and Culture Commission (“2004 Challenges”), Ms Reding states that with respect to areas in her portfolio, “the place of education and culture in the draft treaty arising from Convention work is cemented at both a jurisdiction and policy level. Consequently, the fundamental and decisive nature of cultural diversity is front and center.” She is also delighted that “in terms of foreign trade, the draft treaty requires unanimous consent for agreements on cultural and audiovisual services that threaten the Union’s linguistic and cultural diversity.” Regarding cultural industries, Ms Reding mentions that the European Union believes that “European competitiveness and cultural diversity hinge on shoring up cultural industries, which have strong growth potential in regional and global markets,” and also stresses “the economic importance of cultural products and the industries that support them.” She notably affirms that “these industries are directly tied to artistic creation. Cultural goods are not products that can be manufactured and sold like any other. They are the richness of European cultural diversity.” (Available in French only)