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La diversité culturelle, "pour assurer la survivance de la langue et de la culture du Québec"

Allocution du premier ministre du Québec, M. Jean Charest devant la Chambre de commerce Canada–Royaume-Uni, Londres, le 20 janvier 2004 - 2004/01/20

In this speech to the members of the Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce in London during his mission to Europe, Mr. Jean Charest stated that the Québec government is committed to promoting cultural diversity. He also stressed that it is Québec’s “moral and historical responsibility to actively protect cultural diversity so that our language and culture survive.” That is why, he continued, “the government of Québec is one of many proponents from all continents and many cultures that actively supports an international agreement on cultural diversity under the auspices of UNESCO. Such an agreement would guarantee to states and governments the right to develop and implement policies promoting culture in all its manifestations.” (Available in English and French)