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Forum mondial des médias électroniques : Déclaration des radiodiffuseurs

Union européenne de Radio-Télévision - Genève, le 11 décembre 2003 - 2003/12/11

The World Summit on the Information Society, which took place in Geneva from December 10 to 12, 2003, also brought media representatives together from around the world for the World Electronic Media Forum from December 9 to 11, 2003. The purpose of this gathering was to explain the contribution of radio and television broadcasters to the information society. The World Broadcasting Unions—an association of regional broadcasting units representing the leading radio and television organizations around the world—released a declaration stressing the “broadcasters’ commitment and contribution to such fundamental values as freedom of expression, access to information, media pluralism, and cultural diversity.” This declaration puts forward principles and objectives according to which freedom of expression, pluralism, and cultural diversity are fundamental values and objectives that should underpin the media system and the information society as a whole, particularly as regards globalization. The electronic media have a vital role to play in the information society in producing, gathering and distributing quality content, providing unbiased information, safeguarding media pluralism, and contributing to cultural diversity. (Available in English and French)