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« La France et le Mexique sont déterminés à travailler ensemble afin de permettre l'adoption de la Convention sur la diversité des expressions culturelles » - Déclaration conjointe France-Mexique sur la diversité culturelle - Mexico, le 18 novembre 2004

During the first France-Mexico-Québec Business Meetings , held on November 17-19, 2004 in Mexico City, French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin stated that one of the main objectives of his trip to Mexico was to speak with representatives working for cultural diversity. To this end, he reiterated to Mexican President Vincente Fox, that "We must work together in our fight for cultural diversity. We have a UNESCO convention which we must get signed in 2005. We would like to develop a number of joint activities to promote the principles of cultural diversity, which are tied so closely to our national identities. Cultural diversity will be strengthened by the growing number of exchange initiatives, as well as through events such as film festivals and expositions (.), which show how effective cultural events are in involving our populations in this commitment of ours to cultural diversity."

This visit falls within the scope of a partnership between the French and Quebec governments, particularly on issues regarding cultural diversity, and as Prime Minister Raffarin pointed out, "Through this meeting, we are reinforcing the transatlantic dialogue and, in particular, relations between Europe and the Americas." As such, the French and Mexican governments adopted a joint declaration on cultural diversity in which they affirm their determination to work together for adoption with UNESCO of Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions . They believe that this convention must respect principles and pursue objectives such as: the recognition of the specificity and duality of cultural goods and services; the right of States to establish and implement cultural policies and support measures which promote cultural diversity; the need for a legally binding convention and an appropriate articulation with other international instruments; the need for the availability of effective monitoring mechanisms and dispute settlement mechanisms; the importance of cooperation for development in the cultural sector. ( Available in French ) [84]