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La dimension culturelle du développement durable : « Prenons en compte la diversité culturelle, et nous aurons un autre développement »

M. Roger Dehaybe, administrateur général de l'Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie (AIF), le 18 novembre 2004 - 2004/11/18

During the 10th Summit of La Francophonie , the agenda for which included sustainable development, particularly in its cultural dimension, Mr. Dehaybe explained, in an interview given to Radio France internationale (RFI), the importance of cultures in the development of societies and insisted that their diversity be taken into consideration in development policies. Mr. Dehaybe drew attention to "the great victory of La Francophonie," during the Johannesburg Summit, where cultural diversity was recognized as "one of the pillars of sustainable development." According to Dehaybe, "Many cooperation attempts have failed because they did not take into account reality, cultural diversity." He hopes that La Francophonie's vision of cultural diversity will prevail in current negotiations on the Convention at UNESCO and points out that this fundamental struggle is not only that of La Francophonie, but of the entire international community and of every society, including the Iberian-American, Arabic, and Portuguese-speaking partners of La Francophonie. Regarding the preliminary draft Convention , he stated, "The minimum upon which there is consensus is still a considerable achievement. We must approach these negotiations, in each round, with optimism, vigilance and willingness. Within UNESCO, there are as many voices as there are countries; it's a multilateral process. We will have a convention, and if we want, a good convention. The situation will be clearer in February, at the next round, and particularly at the General Conference of 2005." ( Available in French ) [84]