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TV5 World, a valuable tool for cultural diversity

Jean-Jacques Aillagon, Président-directeur général de TV5, 21 septembre 2005, 2005/09/21

In this article that appeared in the September 21 issue of Le Figaro, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, CEO of TV5 and former French Culture Minister, urges UNESCO to adopt the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions at the General Conference, which opens on October 3 in Paris: “In a few days, the UNESCO General Conference will deliberate over the Preliminary Draft Convention on the Protection of the Diversity ofCultural Contents and Artistic Expressions. Let us hope that UNESCO will mark its 60th anniversary by, at last, laying out an unassailable international legal framework with which to defend cultural exception, one that shall not be subordinate to other agreements such as the WTO accords, with the exception, of course, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Mr. Aillagon points out that TV5 contributes to the international diversity of news, an expression and condition of cultural diversity. He declares that “The existence of TV5 is concrete proof that cultural diversity can be a reality, and that it is essential that French, Belgian, Swiss, French Canadian, and African works be made available on the international scene. He adds that the interest created for our landscapes, monuments, cities, ideas, festivals, writers, films, artists, cuisine, and languages is the very cornerstone of cultural diversity.  In this respect Mr. Aillagon affirms that “The Tower of Babel is only a curse if its inhabitants remain cloistered in their quarters. If each one comes out to discover the riches the others have to offer, the resulting adventure is a wonderful opportunity to foster curiosity (…), sharing (…), and tolerance (…). This is TV5’s raison d’être and the cause it intends to continue serving.” [05-28]