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Protecting Europe’s cultural diversity: Media, Entertainment and Arts trade unionists call for steps to protect cultural diversity

Union Network International/ EURO-MEI, Budapest, 29 mai 2005 - 2005/05/29

On the occasion of the Euro-MEI General Assembly, held on May 28 and 29, 2005, in Budapest, attendees warned that a growing concentration of media ownership poses a threat to Europe’s cultural diversity. The Euro-MEI General Assembly therefore urged the European Commission to do more to ensure a genuine choice for the public through a new Directive and called for steps to protect cultural diversity. It notably recalled that progress is being made at UNESCO over a convention to give states the fundamental right to determine their own cultural policies—a counterweight to moves at the WTO to open up the sector to free market forces

EURO-MEI (Media, Entertainment & Arts) brings together over 70 media, performance, and arts unions in all European Union member states and other European countries. It is the European branch of the Union Network International. [05-26]