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Meeting of the Ministers of Culture of the European Union: "Culture has much to contribute to build, to forge and to continue to make the Union closer between the people"

Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2005, Luxembourg, June 27, 2005 – 2005/06/27

The meeting of EU Culture Ministers held in Luxembourg on 26 and 27 June 2005 chaired by François Biltgen, and Octavie Modert, respectively Minister and Secretary of State for Culture, Higher Education, and Research. At the close of the meeting Ms. Modert summarized their work by calling attention to the conclusions the ministers drew in this regard pertain to cultural industries, such as the music and publishing industry: “We have observed that the cultural industries are a backbone of the economy of the future, and that they play an essential role in the production and dissemination of artistic creation. In the Lisbon Strategy, culture plays a key role as a creative industry.” The ministers also addressed architectural policy and quality and they observed a “commitment and support, from both government and from architecture, for joint responsibility for the creation of a new lifestyle that can provide good examples throughout Europe as lifestyles that are liveable and that respect the diversity of peoples.”

All these initiatives organised by the Luxembourg Presidency led Octavie Modert to conclude “that it is clear that the cultural fact is a major part of building Europe. It is also clear that national identity on one side, and common roots on the other, are not opposites - quite to the contrary. Cultural policy is a policy unto itself. What is especially important to us, through these highly concrete accomplishments, is to achieve mutual awareness and understanding, as well as a dialogue among the populations and civilisations. This dialogue is one very important component of democracy. One is not always aware of the role that culture plays in bringing peoples closer together.” [05-21]