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The future UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of cultural diversity: A successful third meeting of experts in Paris

Union européenne de radio télévision (UER), le 6 juin 2005 – 2005/06/06

In a press release on the draft UNESCO convention on cultural diversity, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) clarified its stance on the convention, stressing in particular the need for a new international legal instrument to establish the legitimacy of national policies designed to protect and promote cultural diversity and media pluralism; recognize the important role of public institutions, particularly public broadcasters; safeguard the freedom and pluralism of the media; and clarify the relationship with international trade law for greater coherence in international governance. 

As mentioned in the press release, this text, which was approved by 550 experts representing 130 UNESCO Member States but opposed by the United States and Israel, will be presented at the UNESCO General Conference for discussion and possible approval in October 2005. According to EBU, “this convention will serve to promote diversity in all cultural expressions as well as protect national cultural identities, and will become one of the authoritative texts for public broadcasters around the world.” Among the greatest changes to the basic text according to the press release are recognition of the right to media diversity (convention preamble) and the importance of the role of public corporations (art.6.2.h) in affirming pluralism. [05-19]