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Outlook and challenges for the European film industry: Europe’s 25 film agencies speak with a single voice at Cannes

Agence France Presse (AFP), Cannes, le 16 mai 2005 -2005/05/16

This AFP article reports that, at their meeting in Cannes during the 2005 Film Festival, the directors of Europe’s 25 public film agencies called for more transparent and coherent public funding of the film industry. The declaration addressing national governments and European institutions was signed at the joint initiative of Centre national français de la Cinématographie (CNC) and the UK Film Council.

In the declaration, the European national agency directors drew the attention of their governments to “the need to affirm the legitimacy of existing cultural policies, and reaffirm it with the European Commission.” They also pointed to the “urgent need to find, in cooperation with the European Commission, a long-term solution that guarantees (…) enhanced recognition of the industrial and cultural nature of film, and a greater coherence between policies (…) in order to ensure the long term strengthening and development of the film industry’s support systems.” They also noted “the need for greater transparency, coherence, and legal certainty of the rules set out by the European Commission with regard to public funding.” The current regulations came into effect in 2001, and expire in June 2007. [05-17]