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UNESCO and World Summit on the Information Society: Cultural Diversity in Knowledge Societies - E xpert meeting

UNESCO, St Petersburg, Russian Federation, 17-19 May 2005 – 2005/05/17-19

UNESCO organized, from 17 to 19 May 2005, in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, a three-day expert meeting on Cultural Diversity in Knowledge Societies. The event took place in the framework of the conference UNESCO between the two phases of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) organized by the Russian authorities. This expert meeting is one of UNESCO’s thematic meetings in preparation for the second meeting of the WSIS (Tunis, Tunisia, 16-18 November 2005).

The purpose of this meeting is to measure sustainability of Cultural diversity through the opportunities offered by the new information and communication technologies (ICT) for future knowledge societies through the following themes: New intercultural connections and networking; New opportunities to make old and new knowledge available; New opportunities to creativity; New access to cultural contents and services produced worldwide. The meeting also highlighted the challenges generated by ICTs, i.e., Digital divide; Development issues; Cultural and linguistic diversity; Obstacles to access to ICTs; Difficulties to produce local content. The results of the Meeting will be made available to the participants of the second meeting of WSIS in Tunis through a Report including recommendations. [05-16]