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The MPs of the APF adopt a declaration in favour of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions

Assemblée nationale du Québec, le 21 avril 2005 – 2005/04/21

The French-speaking MPs, meeting in Québec on April 20-21, 2005, in the framework of the Committee on Education, Communication and Cultural Affairs of the Assemblée Parlementaire of la Francophonie (APF), approved a declaration on the adoption of the Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions by UNESCO : “ Convinced of the need to adopt, in the fall of 2005, an international convention sanctioning the rights of States and governments to establish and maintain policies that support culture, while remaining open to other cultural expressions,” the MPs are in particular inviting “the sections that are APF members to take up the challenge of cultural diversity and to increase the awareness of the negotiators from their respective States of the need to adopt a convention and protect cultural diversity.” The MPs are also in favour of a Convention that:

  • “reflects the philosophy of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity;
  • is complementary and not subordinate to other international instruments;
  • includes a dispute resolution mechanism;
  • respects the concerns of all members and gives an important place to least developed countries and international cooperation in the area of cultural diversity;
  • makes provision for setting up a monitoring mechanism to facilitate its application and implementation.”

In addition, the MPs “are asking that UNESCO, in the framework of the cooperation agreement linking it to the APF, take the present Declaration into consideration immediately and invite the APF to send observers to the 33rd session of its General Conference scheduled for October 2005.” Moreover, the MPs “congratulate the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) for its remarkable mobilization initiatives carried out since 2002 in favour of cultural diversity and for the adoption of an international legal instrument, and invite the Secretary General of the OIF to continue with efforts of this nature”. In addition, they are repeating their “call to Francophonie Member States and governments to refrain from making any liberalization commitments within the WTO or in the framework of bilateral agreements to avoid compromising the effectiveness of the Convention.” [05-12]