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New assistance fund for innovation in television: a commitment to support Cultural diversity

Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, ministre français de la Culture et de la Communication, le 13 avril 2005

In this edition of Le Figaro, Paule Gonzalès reports that during the 42nd Marché international des programmes télévisuels (MIPTV), which was held in Cannes until April 15, 2005, the French Minister of Culture and Communication, Mr. Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, promised to supplement production assistance with a fund for innovation in television . This decision follows an announcement of a tax credit for this sector and the establishment of a regional fund. Beyond “fiscal and legal measures, we now have assistance for creativity itself,” déclares Mr. de Vabres. According to the Minister , the most important issue is “provide as much financing as possible to audiovisual production, to boost French and European content in order to give them the competitive edge that is essential to face the highly competitive digital age […]. The fund, which already exists for the film industry, is designed to prevent the standardized and uniform programming at a time when the public has never had a greater need for diversity.”

In addition, while reaffirming his commitment to cultural diversity and the free flow of cultural works, Mr. de Vabres responds to a controversy that is stirring up the production world, and more particularly, the film industry. The easing of conditions for countries outside Europe to access film aid is deeply dividing the profession. For the minister, if such a measure were to be implemented, it “would never be meant to promote the spread of Hollywood in our country, but rather to allow for balanced production and job protection in the industry.” The M inister believes that the future measure will be compatible “with the cultural policy being lead on the European level” and has little chance of being beaten by the European Commission. He points out that the 25 member states and their Minister of Culture signed “a charter supporting cultural diversity, which is included in the draft European Constitution.” This commitment will also be defended before UNESCO on behalf of all of Europe. It would be the best defence for financial assistance schemes established in any country, stresses Mrs. Gonzalès. [05-10]