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Supporting UNESCO in the intergovernmental approval process of the Convention on Cultural Diversity: I nternational Meeting of the Ministers of culture in Madrid

Ministère français de la Culture et de la Communication, le 21 mars 2005 – 2005/03/21

In a joint statement, Spanish, Brazilian and French Ministers of Culture, respectively Mrs. Carmen Calvo, Mr Gilberto Gil, and M. Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, launched an invitation to their colleagues for an international Meeting of the Ministers of Culture. This meeting will be held in Madrid, June the 11, and 12 2005 with an aim of reiterating their engagement to support UNESCO in the intergovernmental process of approval of Convention on cultural diversity, at the time of the general Conference of the autumn 2005. The three ministers consider that future Convention constitutes an essential instrument to ensure the development of all the cultures in the world and to return freedom of movement of the goods and cultural services compatible with the necessary safeguarding of the cultural identities. In this spirit, the joint ministerial statement in support of the draft Convention on Cultural Diversity highlights the fundamental elements that the draft must contain. [05-07]