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Cuba speaks out for the preservation of cultural diversity

Abel Prieto, ministre cubain de la Culture, le 26 novembre 2005 – 2005/11/26

Speaking at the 8th Annual Ministerial Meeting of the International Network on Cultural Policy (INCP) in Dakar, Cuban culture minister Abel Pietro hailed the recent adoption of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions as a “moral victory." He declared that opponents who had fought the convention at UNESCO “underestimate and ignore the cultures of the Third World as well the spiritual wealth of humanity.” He also said the future of the convention would require vigilance “because its enemies will try to use the WTO to cancel out its real-life impact.”

The next WTO Ministerial Conference, described as "a major turning point in the Doha Round of negotiations to be completed in 2006," will be held in Hong Kong from December 13 to 18.