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Les PIED apportent leur soutien à l’avant-projet de convention de l’UNESCO

Nations Unies, Communiqué de presse ENV/DEV/815, le 14 janvier 2005 – 2005/01/14

A United Nations Conference devoted to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) opened in Port Louis, Mauritius on January 10, 2005. The week-long Conference, which was attended by the 51 countries concerned, represented by approximately 20 heads of state and 35 ministers, focused on the implementation of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States SIDS and, in particular, global trade. Due to their unique and special circumstances, SIDS are asking for special treatment within WTO. At the end of its discussions, the international Meeting adopted the Mauritius Declaration, in which representatives of the people of the world participating at the Conference reaffirm their commitment to support the efforts of SIDS for sustainable development.

The role of culture in the sustainable development of SIDS was also on the Conference’s agenda. Discussions provided an opportunity to underscore the economic and social value of cultural events and expressions and to demonstrate to what extent the survival of SIDS depends on the economic potential of their cultural heritage. In this regard, Mr. Xavier Darcos, French Minister for Development, Cooperation and Francophonie, stressed that without economic development, there would be no cultural development. He also stated that uniform mass cultural production is a threat to culture and reaffirmed France’s determination to succeed in adopting an international Convention on the cultural diversity. Jamaican representative Mr. Sydney Bartley, Director of Culture, noted his country’s recognition of the essential role of culture in sustainable development and supported the appeal in favour of adopting a Convention on the cultural diversity which would contribute to strengthening national capacities in the cultural sector. Mr. Pierre Vergès, the representative from Reunion and vice-president of the Reunion region, reaffirmed his country’s determination to create a legal document supporting the legitimacy of policies promoting cultural diversity through the adoption of an international convention on cultural diversity. [05-02]