Cultural diversity

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Le Sénégal prône l'adoption d'une convention sur la diversité culturelle

Gouvernement du Sénégal, Communiqué de presse du 18 janvier 2005 – 2005/01/18

Senegal’s government and major cultural association and organization leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to support the future UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions. The press release published on January 18, 2005 stresses the importance of the Convention, which would promote “intercultural dialogue and the maximum exploitation by developing countries of the economic potential of their cultures.” To accomplish this, cultural civil society representatives expressed a number of concerns. They particularly stressed “the need for UNESCO to favour, in it objectives, the creation of a defence fund for cultural diversity and the establishment of a cultural diversity observatory.” They also maintained, “National policies in developing countries need consistent support. These policies, themselves, and international cooperation would enable them get the most out of a tool for monitoring and promoting best practices.” [05-02]