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« L'année 2005 sera décisive pour notre combat pour la reconnaissance de la diversité culturelle et des droits des artistes »

M. Donnedieu de Vabres, ministre français de la Culture et de la Communication, le 12 janvier 2005 – 2005/01/12

In presenting his objectives to the press on January 12, 2005, French Minister of Culture Mr. Renaud Dennedieu de Vabres, stated to journalists gathered at the Grand Palais, “2005 will be a decisive year in our campaign for the recognition of cultural diversity and the rights of artists. By the fall of this year, we are committing to successfully adopt the international Convention on the Cultural diversity  within UNESCO». According to the Minister, the best way to win this campaign is by building a cultural Europe. To accomplish this, the European countries and citizens must decide to adopt the European Constitution. According to Mr. de Vabres, “The European Constitution will represent significant progress for culture as it will preserve […] the principle of unanimous decision making for external trade policies that could affect cultural diversity and will allow for internal policy decisions to be made by the qualified majority.” [05-02]