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Adoption de la Convention sur la diversité des expressions culturelles à l’UNESCO : "Cette Convention aura un impact sur la protection de la diversité culturelle "

Line Beauchamp, Minister of Culture and Communications of Québec, Montréal, October 22, 2005 – 2005/10/22

“The refusal of the United States to adopt UNESCO’s Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions will not prevent other countries that have signed the accord from protecting their national cultures,” stated Québec minister of culture and communications Line Beauchamp while in Montréal. Citing the example of the Kyoto Protocol, which the United States refused to ratify, the minister maintained that the adoption of the Convention by over 100 countries last week will put moral pressure on the Americans. According to Ms. Beauchamp, the fact that Washington was so opposed to the draft is proof that this Convention will have an impact on the protection of cultural diversity. However, the minister contends that it could also be to the United States’ advantage. In her opinion, the emergence of many national cultural industries will help make countries aware of the consequences of pirating, a topic of great concern to Americans.