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China: Cultural diversity is the cornerstone of a harmonious world

Le Quotidien du Peuple, 11 novembre 2005 – 2005/11/11

Participants attending the 3rd Globalization Forum organized by the People’s Daily and the Foundation for Globalization Cooperation in China on November 8 and 9 touted cultural diversity as the answer to the challenges of globalization. They see economic globalization as representing an unprecedented challenge to cultural diversity. In recent years, the promotion and protection of cultural diversity have become major concerns for the international community. The adoption of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions “shows that the convention enjoys wide international support.”

Participants also stressed that the most important dimension of cultural diversity is the crucial role it plays in building a harmonious world. “Human history and reality show that cultural diversity is essential to harmony. Stressing cultural diversity is a way to appeal for the diversity of civilization. There has been much talk about ‘conflicts of civilizations’ in recent years. This involves nothing less than substituting one culture or civilization for another.” It is for this reason that forum participants see cultural diversity “as beneficial for both developing and developed countries. If developed countries regularly produce fresh new films, music, and novels that appeal to peoples worldwide, it is because they assimilate a variety of cultural influences. Cultural diversity is a constant source of renewal for individual cultures. It is beneficial at home and abroad. When we understand this, we cannot help but be aware of the importance of cultural diversity in building a harmonious world.”