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The UNESCO Convention on the diversity of cultural expressions: Canada increases pressures for its coming into effect in 2007 - 2006/08/30

In its August 30th issue, the daily Le Devoir reports that "The world campaign in favour of the ratification of the UNESCO Convention on the cultural diversity progresses rapidly and that its Canadian promoters keep hope to witness its adoption in proper shape and manner next year". According to the Journalist Stéphane Baillargeon, the Government of Canada maintains its official position in favour of the international legal instrument and takes advantage of all occasions to encourage the ratification of the Convention.

In this manner, the Canadian delegates exerted influence last May in Brasilia (Brazil) during the INCP’s Working Group on Cultural Diversity and Globalization meeting (International Network on Cultural Policy), last June in Montreal within the framework of the 12th edition of the International Economic Forum of the Americas, last July in Paris during the 60th session of the Permanent Council of la Francophonie, preparatory to the Summit of la Francophonie in Bucharest, on September 28 to 29, during which "pressures will begin anew" in order to ratify the Convention.

Furthermore, the thirty or so of the Coalitions for Cultural Diversity, grouped within the International Liaison Committee of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (ILC), also multiply international approaches in order to ratify this Convention. In this respect, the Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity, Mr. Robert Pilon, adds up international meetings to mobilize in order to ratify the Convention. He has thus visited all Latin American countries (except Bolivia), where he has met the Ministers of Culture or Foreign Affairs. According to Mr. Pilon, one cannot be satisfied to reach the level of the 30 Parties States to the Convention between now and the UNESCO General Conference on October 2007: "One will be deemed serious when one has reached 70 or 75 adhesions. This treaty must also receive weight through obtaining a balanced regional representation ». Thus his efforts made towards Asia and Anglophone Africa during the coming months.

Le Devoir