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Turkey requests a cultural policy review

On January 24, 2008, the Council of Europe announced that the Turkish Government had decided to take part in the National Cultural Policy Review program. The Council stated that Turkey will become the 29th member state to take part in a Council of Europe cultural policy review.

Initiated in 1986, the Council of Europe’s program of cultural policy reviews “assesses policies in member states at the request of the Minister of Culture, providing comprehensive policy analysis and advice, geared at policy optimization for the benefit of the country's citizens.”

In presenting the program, the Council of Europe writes: “Different models of cultural policies are being applied in Europe. They differ in the way how they are associated with other national policies, in their degree of centralization, their proportion of public subsidies, their priority for heritage or contemporary arts, and so on. However, they are all based on common values such as democracy, justice, equality and pluralism. The focus on particular key principles in cultural policy facilitates a functional approach to evaluation which takes account of national particularities.”

The main principles held by the Council of Europe in cultural matters are:

  • Respect of identity and promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue
  • Respect of freedom of expression, of association, of opinion (cf. the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights)
  • Support of creativity
  • Promotion of cultural participation and democratization of culture