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France’s culture and communication minister to launch the website

On March 10, 2008, at 11:30 a.m., France’s culture and communication minister, Christine Albanel, will launch the website during the French Language Week press conference at France’s culture and communications ministry.

A ministry press release notes, “Terminology development is essential for naming and accurately describing today’s realities in French, maintaining a place for the French language in international organizations, the press, and the media, and spreading knowledge in our language.”

The culture and communication ministry adds, “In our country, the government encourages this creative process through an instrument tasked with developing new terms and expressions to fill in the gaps in our vocabulary in some 100 fields as diverse as aerodynamics, the performing arts, law, the environment, employment, geophysics, I.T., audiovisual, telecommunications, and tourism.” is an online service that allows visitors to appropriate these new terms and encourage their usage.

The press release goes on to note that the well-designed and regularly updated website allows visitors to

  • View all the terms published in the various fields since 1997
  • Look up French equivalents of foreign terms or consult definitions of existing terms
  • Learn about news, seminars, conferences, and discover the “word of the month” and access new publications in the “online bookstore”
  • Submit requests for equivalents in the “ideas box” for technical terms for which no French equivalent yet exists

Visitors can subscribe to be kept informed of all updates to the fields of their choice.

Website administrators can also put terminology news on their own website using the “Web feed.”