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France’s culture and communications minister opens the seminar marking France’s entry into the European Year of Intercultural Dialog

On March 13, 2008, France’s culture and communications minister, Christine Albanel, opened the UNESCO seminar marking France’s entry into the European Year of Intercultural Dialog.

The press release issued on the occasion notes that Europe has initiated a “European Year” awareness campaign every year since 1983 “designed to inform and foster dialog with European citizens in order to change attitudes and behavior.” 2008 has been proclaimed “European Year of Intercultural Dialog,” referring to “UNESCO’s adoption (in October 2005) of the Convention for the Protection and the Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in which France played a leading role.”

The press release concludes, “The Culture and Communications Ministry, a driving force behind the convention on cultural diversity, has been chosen to coordinate national initiatives in France.” The opening scientific seminar was organized by Cité nationale de l’histoire et de l’immigration (CNHI). For two days, European researchers, professionals from universities and institutions, and stakeholders will have the opportunity to examine the notion of intercultural dialog and will attempt to look at the issue from a French and European perspective.

We invite you to read the speech given by Ms. Albanel at the seminar opening.