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Organization of American States celebrates International Francophonie Day

In a recent press release, Ministère des Relations internationales du Québec (MRI) states that some 300 representatives of inter-American institutions met in Washington in late March to mark International Francophonie Day at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS). The meeting, co-sponsored by France, Canada, Québec, and Haiti, aimed to forge links between francophones and francophiles within the inter-American system. The press release adds that this was the first time that such an event was held at the OAS, which has French as one of its official languages.

The meeting was held in the OAS main building’s interior courtyard, which was decorated for the occasion with paintings by Haitian artists and materials promoting Québec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations. Most of the attendees were from inter-American institutions, such as the OAS, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Inter-American Development Bank. The press release also states that guests included the OAS Secretary General and OAS ambassadors from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

MRI adds that “the event served to foster cooperation between four francophone countries and regions (Canada, Québec, France, and Haiti) that play an active role in OAS initiatives and paves the way for an inter-American francophone network.” The OAS has a total of 34 member states.