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The Government of Canada is pleased with the agreement in principle reached with TV5MONDE partner governments

Josée Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Status of Women and Official Languages and Chair of the Conference of Ministers Responsible for TV5MONDE, has expressed her delight at the agreement in principle reached by all the partner governments to ensure the future of TV5MONDE.

In a press release issued April 29, Minister Verner declared, “I would like to personally thank all the partner governments for their openness and their wonderful cooperation over the last few months. This agreement in principle will allow the channel to preserve its multilateral and pluralistic character in order to be more competitive and to better position itself to face a world where technology is constantly evolving.”

The news release notes that “this agreement in principle recognizes, among other things, the independence of TV5MONDE and the importance of preserving this important tool for the promotion of the French language and the values of the Francophonie. It opens doors to increased broadcasting of programs from Canada and other countries of the Francophonie on TV5MONDE and makes provisions for cooperative relationships and partnerships with the information channels France 24 and RFI. It offers more opportunities for broadcasting experts from all partner countries to take up key roles at the channel.”

Heritage Canada continues, “This agreement is also a concrete example of Canada’s commitment to cultural diversity and, as such, meets the objectives of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.”

The agreement in principle will need to be endorsed during the next conference of ministers responsible for TV5MONDE, which will be organized by the Government of Canada over the next few weeks.