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France’s cultural and audiovisual priorities for Europe

On June 23, 2008, French Minister of Culture and Communication Christine Albanel outlined the cultural and audiovisual priorities for France’s presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The program will have three main thrusts:

  • Showcase and promote access to European heritage
  • Promote cultural creations in the digital age
  • Promote intercultural dialog and cultural and linguistic diversity

Over the course of France’s presidency, adds the press release from France’s ministry of culture and communication, Christine Albanel “plans to advance European culture through the emergence of concrete projects.”

With regard to showcasing and promoting access to European heritage, Ms. Albanel will launch the European digital library featuring the Europeana prototype at the Council of Ministers “Education, Youth, and Culture” November 20 meeting in Brussels. This prototype will first provide access to 2 million archived, library, and museum items, as well as audiovisual content. The minister will work with European counterparts to ensure the project’s long term success.

The release goes on to note that Ms. Albanel “will also invite all 27 European culture ministers to jointly create a ‘European heritage label’ to distinguish cultural goods from sites of remembrance, which have borne witness to European history and heritage” in order to help “European citizens identify with their common heritage.”

Ms. Albanel also mentioned the European Cultural Season, “which will bear witness to European creations, both past and present.” The season “will provide many opportunities for rich, creative encounters between artists and the general public and will be a unique occasion to discover Europe and its cultures.”

To learn more about the cultural and audiovisual priorities for France’s presidency of the European Union and various related projects, we invite you to view the press materials available on the website of France’s Culture and Communication Ministry.