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The music industry—signing of an historic agreement between social partners

Christine Albanel, France’s Minister of Culture and Communications, is delighted at the signing of an historic agreement between social partners in the music industry.

According to a press release issued by France’s Ministry of Culture and Communications on July 1, after negotiating since October 2002 under the guidance of the minister responsible, the music industry’s social partners “have come to an historic agreement which, since its signing on June 30, 2008, has been met with unanimous approval.” The press release goes on to say that all employee groups involved and both employer groups have either signed the agreement or will do so in the coming days.

The release describes the scope of the convention as being particularly broad, covering working conditions, remuneration, recourse to part-time work, funding of and access to professional training, and provisions for the future.

“This text fills a fifteen-year legal void, radically modernizes social relations in the music industry, and contributes to cultural diversity.

  • Regarding remunerations, musicians will now receive a share of profits from the sector as well as a percentage of the fees charged by producers in addition to their base pay. This innovative clause is the first of its kind in Europe.
  • An additional protocol facilitates the use of older recordings in the common interest of musicians and producers.
  • Consumers will also benefit since the protocol will give them access to work that is unused and lying dormant in catalogues owned by recording companies.”

Albanel concludes by stating that “In a context that is particularly difficult for the music industry—its profits have been cut in half over the past six years—this convention constitutes a decisive modernization tool for companies working in the sector.” “The minister is even more pleased with this agreement since the successful negotiations carried out by the social partners concord perfectly with the objectives of the music industry support plan she launched at the request of the President of the Republic and announced during MIDEM 2008.”