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The “Cinéma, Europe, Monde” seminar on filmmaking collaboration between Europe and the rest of the world

As part of France’s presidency of the European Union, the country’s Ministry of Culture and Communications and the CNC (Centre national de la cinématographie) is organizeing a seminar entitled “Cinéma, Europe, Monde,” on July 8 at Cinémathèque française (Paris). The theme was collaboration in filmmaking between the European Union and non-European countries.

The press release by the Ministry of Culture and Communications states that this seminar, organized together with the European Commission, “is an opportunity to reflect, together with our European partners and professionals from all continents, on ways to strengthen filmmaking ties between Europe and Asia, Africa, and Latin America. For Europe, it is a question of extending filmmaking cooperation to other parts of the world in order to implement the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity. It will do so based on experience gained from the cooperation policies of EU member states and assistance funds like Fonds Sud, which was created in France over 20 years ago.”

The seminar will include over 200 professionals, experts, and institutional representatives from Europe and other continents and will be held at Cinémathèque de Paris. “It will help outline future cooperation at every level of filmmaking, from training and production to distribution and development.”

The press release concludes by stating that “Cinema and other audiovisual arts are expressions of cultural diversity and an outlook on the world. Their artistic power fosters contact and dialog between all cultures. That will be the message delivered by Costa Gavras and Danny Glover, who are closely involved in this issue and who will make opening and closing statements at the seminar.”

The seminar will be hosted by Ms. Christine Albanel, France’s Minister of Culture and Communications.

Visit the seminar website to find out more.