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Avignon Forum: Culture, Economy, and Politics Meeting

France’s ministry of culture and communication has announced that the Avignon Forum will run from November 16 to 18, 2008, as part of France’s presidency of the European Union. It will be themed “Culture, a Growth Factor.” The event will bring together 250 key players from the economy, culture, and media, as well as government representatives from various countries.

France’s minister of culture and communication, Christine Albanel, outlined the objectives for the Avignon Forum, which will enable the economic, political, and arts sectors to meet and hold discussions. “I intend to provide a unique meeting place to foster synergies and crossovers between sectors that seldom have the opportunity to meet with each other, and thereby bring about new and ambitious forms of collaboration that will boost growth and cultural diversity,” she explained.

The first day of the Avignon Forum will be themed “Culture and Economic Development.” There will also be two subthemes: “Culture, a Condition of Sustainable Economic Development” and “Creation, a Growth Lever.”

The second day will take the theme of “Digital Technology: A Dawn of New Values?”

The Avignon Forum aims, among other thing, “to show how cultural investment helps not only protect the diversity and the defense of civilized values, but also helps create riches for a country’s inhabitants and foster a better understanding of a country’s values for visitors and inhabitants alike.”

The Avignon Forum “seeks to position culture as a driving force behind the European project. Culture’s economic dimension is often underestimated, and yet it is a real growth factor… Culture and the economy need not be at odds with each other,” declared Minister Albanel.

France’s minister of culture and communication says the Avignon Forum will become an annual event after this first edition.

We invite you to consult the event’s press kit by clicking on the hyperlink at the bottom of the Avignon Forum press release issued by France’s ministry of culture and communication on September 23.