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Agenda 2020: European Ministers adopt a blueprint on future of youth policy

A blueprint for Council of Europe activities in the area of youth for the next decade was agreed on by youth ministers and high-level policy makers from the 49 signatory countries of the European Cultural Convention at the 8th Conference of European ministers responsible for youth affairs which ended on Saturday, October 11 in Kyiv.

The Council of Europe press release states that “the final declaration—the ‘Agenda 2020’—spells out what youth policy needs to do now and in the next decade in three main areas: human rights and democracy, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, and social inclusion of young people.”

As for cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, the final declaration states that the ministers responsible for youth from the 49 States party to the European Cultural Convention, meeting in Kyiv, agree that the following issue should be regarded as a priority for Council of Europe youth policy and action: “Living together in diverse societies, with special emphasis on issues like empowering young people to promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, and cooperation in their daily lives.”

To find out more, please read the Kyiv Declaration – Agenda 2020.