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Forum des droits sur l’Internet launches an “Internet and sustainable development” task force

In June 2008, Forum des droits sur l'Internet announced the launch of the “Internet and sustainable development” task force, which will examine the accessibility and use of languages on websites.

First, in addition to technical concerns regarding resource availability, the Forum will address the following:

  • Should we make changes to the framework protecting the French language?
  • What place should the French language have on the Internet?
  • Why and how should multilingualism be implemented on the Internet?
  • How can website designers be encouraged to design multilingual pages?

Forum des droits sur l'Internet goes on to say that the task force’s recommendations will make useful contributions to current deliberations among public authorities regarding implementation of the legislation of February 11, 2005, to a variety of initiatives headed by the European Community, to issues of digital accessibility (e-Inclusion, i2010), and to the Internet Governance Forum, on the recognition of international standards for a truly multilingual Internet.

Forum des droits sur l’Internet concludes by stating that recommendations will be aimed directly at website designers, accessibility solution providers, Web surfers, and search engines in order to ensure that sites are more accessible and to better preserve linguistic diversity.

The “Internet and sustainable development” task force began working in July 2008.