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France’s Minister of Culture and Communications releases the Auclaire Report on the cultural outreach of film and film education

On December 10, 2008, French minister of Culture and Communications Christine Albanel released a report prepared by Alain Auclaire on the cultural outreach of film and film education. The report contains 22 suggestions.

A related press release noted that in February 2008, Minister Albanel charged Mr. Auclaire with the task of “developing recommendations aimed at increasing the complementarity and consistency of efforts to promote the cultural outreach of film, the development of motion picture resources, and film education.”

The report is available on the websites of the French Ministry of Culture and Communications and the Centre national de la cinématographie. The press release added that in the coming weeks, the recommendations set out in the report will be the subject of a consultation for all concerned parties.

Alain Auclaire, former president of École nationale supérieure des métiers de l’image et du son (Femis), is currently vice president of the history committee of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.