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Québec to be the guest of honor at Showcase Scotland in Glasgow, Scotland

In an announcement that six traditional music groups from Québec will be taking part in Showcase Scotland in Glasgow, Scotland, Québec Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women Christine St-Pierre stated that she will be attending the Scottish traditional music festival, to which Québec has been invited as this year’s guest of honor. “Our artists are first-rate ambassadors. They share and promote Québec culture around the world,” stated Ms. St-Pierre.

Showcase Scotland is an annual window onto traditional Scottish music. It takes place in Glasgow during Celtic Connections, Scotland’s largest traditional music festival. Between January 27 and February 3, the six Québec groups will perform before over 200 delegates, broadcasters, agents, and distributors, in addition to the Scottish public during an event called Spotlight Québec. Québec’s presence at Showcase Scotland is part of a marketing effort that will include the promotion of some thirty traditional Québec music group in Britain.