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The French Coalition for Cultural Diversity opposes the use of audiovisual services as currency in trade negotiations

On January 26, 2009, the French Coalition for Cultural Diversity released a brief statement regarding negotiations surrounding an agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Korea. The full text is as follows.

“The French Coalition for Cultural Diversity is concerned about the negotiations surrounding the proposed Korea-EU free trade agreement, to which has been annexed a protocol on cultural cooperation. Hoping to sign this agreement as quickly as possible, the DG Trade offered the Koreans the same protocol model signed with Caribbean countries, without taking into account that Korea’s audiovisual industry is not that of a developing country. Despite repeated requests by professionals, no impact study has been carried out. Culture and audiovisual are being used as currency in global trade negotiations, which is unacceptable. Culture enjoys special status, as recognized by the UNESCO convention, and must not be part of trade agreements. Discussions surrounding cultural cooperation protocols must be removed from trade negotiations, and can only be offered to countries having signed the UNESCO convention.”