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OIF issues a call for projects to create French-language digital content and applications

International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) has issued a 17th public call for projects that are likely to qualify for Fonds francophone des inforoutes funding. Projects submitted for funding must involve the multilateral production of French-language digital content and/or applications. It is imperative that they belong to one of the following fields:

  • Promotion of the French language and cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Promotion of peace, democracy, and human rights
  • Support for education, training, higher education and research, or sustainable development and solidarity

In accordance with the Declaration of the Québec City Summit, held in October 2008, and its resolution to promote the French language, Fonds francophone des inforoutes will focus on digital resource projects making digital resources that promote the French language and help it to flourish more accessible and visible. Projects submitted by or of benefit to women and/or young people are encouraged and will be given particular attention.

To strengthen the digital presence of the French language and meet the needs of developing countries, OIF set up Fonds francophone des inforoutes in 1998. The fund’s mission is to promote communications and information technology in southern countries and central and western Europe by issuing calls for projects and then funding multilateral initiatives to produce French-language content and applications, in line with La Francophonie guidelines. Since its creation, it has funded 193 projects out of 1,586 applications, with €80,000 awarded to each project on average. Application guides can be downloaded from the Fonds des inforoutes website. Projects must be submitted by April 17, 2009. Projects will be examined and selected in September.