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Preparatory Action MEDIA International: the call for proposals continues

The European Parliament adopted a budget of €5 million on December 18, 2008, for the second year of activity of Preparatory Action MEDIA International. According to the European Commission website, Preparatory Action aims to strengthen cooperation between audiovisual industries of third countries and European countries.

The call for proposals is designed to address the three main objectives of Preparatory Action MEDIA International: exchange of information on and knowledge of audiovisual markets, competitiveness and distribution, and circulation.

Regarding circulation, the call for proposals consists of five separate components:

  • Training for audiovisual professionals (Component 1). This support is for training projects aimed at students/professionals/trainers from the audiovisual industry. The objective is to build, through a training course or joint training measures, a deeper understanding of the operating conditions, legal framework, and systems of financing of the audiovisual markets in all the countries participating in the proposed project.
  • Promotion of cinematographic/audiovisual works (Component 2). This component is aimed at supporting promotion actions which, through intervention upstream or at production segment levels, facilitate access to international markets for cinematographic/audiovisual works (market for co-productions, pitch events, etc.), thus improving the conditions for their future distribution.
  • Distribution of cinematographic works (Component 3). This support is aimed at facilitating and improving the distribution of cinematographic works of developing countries in theaters in the EU and, vice versa, the distribution of European works in cinemas in developing countries.
  • Screening of cinematographic works in cinemas (Component 4). This component is aimed at encouraging cinema operators in the EU and in developing countries to increase, on a reciprocal basis, the scheduling and screening conditions (duration of showing and number of screenings) of exclusive first releases of films.
  • Audience (Component 5). This component is aimed at supporting actions liable to sustainably improve the potential audience for foreign cinematographic/audiovisual works. In particular, it seeks to encourage actions to educate and raise the awareness of the European public (particularly young people) about cinematographic/audiovisual works of third countries and, vice versa, actions to educate and raise the awareness of the non-European public (particularly young people) about European cinematographic/audiovisual works.

The deadline for proposal submission is June 2, 2009. For more information on this call for proposals, please visit the European Commission website.