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Call for candidates for the UNESCO International José Martí Prize

The UNESCO Sector for Social and Human Sciences is seeking nominations for the José Martí International Prize by the April 10, 2009 deadline. This prize is designed to recognize an important contribution to the unity and integration of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the preservation of their identities, cultural traditions, and historical values.

According to the UNESCO website, the José Martí International Prize was “established in 1994 by the Executive Board of UNESCO at the initiative of Cuba, [and] is endowed with a sum of 5,000 U.S. dollars financed by the Cuban Government. Member States or Associate Members of UNESCO, as well as international governmental and nongovernmental organizations and foundations that maintain official relations with UNESCO and whose activities fall within the scope of the Award are invited to propose a nomination of one person or entity. 

“José Marti fought from a very early age (Havana, 28 January 1853–Dos Ríos, 19 May 1895) in word and deed for the independence of Cuba, the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the ideal of universal concord. His ideas brought him imprisonment, torture, and exile to Spain, where he studied at the universities of Madrid and Zaragoza. A wanderer by force of circumstance, he traveled in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. He was a journalist—the first to cover the region as a press correspondent—and founded various newspapers and reviews. His collected works, comprising 28 volumes, reveal the many facets of his outstanding intellectual abilities as poet, educator, diplomat, leader, and revolutionary ideologist. José Martí gave his life during the war of independence of 1895.”

For additional information, visit the UNESCO website.