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Arts in Africa: a unique collection of information on culture on the Dark Continent

A new website designed as a “one stop portal for information about the arts in Africa” was officially launched on May 25 in Johannesburg. “The idea of the Arts in Africa website was born in 2007 at the Arterial Conference on revitalizing African Cultural assets held in Goree Island in Senegal. One of the resolutions made at the conference was the need to create a repository of information, resources, and material on African arts and culture. Accordingly, the Arterial Network, with the support of the European Union and HIVOS, decided to produce, host, and maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date website on African arts, culture, heritage, and the creative industries.

“[…] Facts are listed by country as well as discipline. The site also includes information on UNESCO branches, funding agencies, E-newsletters, cultural policy, creative industries, events, conferences, training institutions, and civil society organizations, among other things,” states the homepage of the new site, which is available in French and English.