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Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie continues its efforts to promote implementation of the UNESCO Convention

Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie (APF) spoke out last week in Paris following the 2nd session of the Conference of Parties. Speaking on behalf of the APF, Québec MNA Bertrand St-Arnaud congratulated the Committee for its impressive work. “Now that the time has come for the Conference to establish new priorities, the parliamentarians of La Francophonie would like to encourage the Committee in carrying out its mandate for the next two years,” he declared. “We are confident that the Committee will be able to prepare operational directives for all articles for which they are required because, like you, we believe in the importance of implementing the Convention as quickly as possible.”

The parliamentarians of La Francophonie gathered in Luxembourg expressed the wish that the Committee establish guidelines shortly for articles 20 and 21, involving ties to other instruments, since these are central to the Convention’s purpose. Specifically, Article 21 dealing with international cooperation and coordination will need careful consideration. The involvement and form of consultation prescribed by the Convention must be defined and spelled out. We are confident that the Committee will deal effectively with the duties it has been assigned, particularly that of promoting the goals and principles of the Convention in other international forums.

The parliamentarians of La Francophonie are determined to maintain their efforts on the international scene. “We continue to follow attentively the foundational work of the Convention and renew our call on member governments of La Francophonie to ratify it,” concluded the APF representative.

We are grateful to Mr. St-Arnaud for providing us with the text of his remarks so we could publish this excerpt.